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18 people killed in explosion of liquefied gas tank at Indian wedding

2021-12-06 18:50:28 Fujian Southeast News Network

Tokyo stock market Nikkei stock index climbs to a new high

2021-12-06 18:50:28 Pengcheng Evening News

U.S.-British withdrawal ends the 13-year Afghan War

2021-12-06 18:50:28 Digital newspaper

An explosion in the Iraqi capital caused 19 deaths and 54 injuries

2021-12-06 18:50:28 Fortune Chinese Network

Simeone: expect Atletico to be competitive and face severe challenges next season

2021-12-06 18:50:28 Inner Mongolia Science and Technology News

Taliban seizes turf Afghan government regards cities as "red line"

2021-12-06 18:50:28 Xinmin Evening News China Business Network

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