Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Greetings from Dubai!  It gives us great pleasure to invite you to WOOSP 4.0 (4th World Congress on Ovulation Induction & Ovarian Stimulation Protocols) to be held from 9-12 September 2021 at Dubai, UAE.
Stimulation protocols are currently chosen mainly based on personal preferences and individual experience rather than objective evidence. Stimulation protocols in poor responders, as well as in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) patients undergoing ART, constitutes a great challenge for clinicians. Several protocols have been proposed that, when properly utilized, should optimize the pregnancy rates while keeping the potential complications at a minimum. There is a need to find better predictors of ovarian response to stimulation, and to tailor the stimulation protocols to each individual patient.
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This meeting, aimed at physicians whose practices include ART, will discuss ways in which clinicians might better predict ovarian response to stimulation with gonadotropins, as well as select the proper stimulation protocol and tailor it to the individual patient. Topics to be covered include the evolution of ovulation induction for IVF; strategies for prevention of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS); protocols for poor responders; ovarian reserve testing; and ovulation induction for onco-fertility patients.
The IVF Lite Foundation – a non-profit Registered Charity with the Government of India is endorsing the Congress along with the Italian Society of Fertility (SIFES), Turkish Society for Reproductive Medicine (TSRM), Society for Cross Border Reproductive Care (SCBRC) and the World Association of Reproductive Medicine (WARM).The entire event is organized by the International Medical Event Management Company: Zimt Conferences, Dubai who have successfully conducted the WOOSP meetings globally (
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As is the tradition at IVF Lite Foundation events, we are sure you will meet lot of old friends and make new ones at Dubai – The crossroads to the world!
Cheers & God Bless,

Gautam Allahbadia, Congress President
Goral Gandhi, Organizing Secretary

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